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A complete new type of hydraulic damped non return check valve with lever and weight for gravitation supporting closure without linear hydraulic cylinder. Used for liquid and gaseous media. A secure protection for pumps against back flow out of pipe systems.

Especially in case of compressible gases and vapours, a swinging up is prevented by the oscillating damping. The hydraulic damping also prevents a rapid closure of the valve and avoids the water hammer effect. The valves are delivered with a 2-step damping, serially.

Temperature ranges from -20°C up to +425°C are achieved by different materials and sealing systems. Application fields in power generating plants, water supply companies, pipelines, tank farms and in the common industrial systems.

Designed acc. to EN 593 / ASME B16.34. Nominal diameters from DN 200 up to DN 1400. Flanges acc. to PN 10/16/25/40, CL. 150/300 lbs.

Basic features:

  • hydraulic damping of the pipe back flow
  • prevention of pipe back flow, free of water hammer effect
  • compact design
  • soft and metal seated
  • oscillating and conventional hydraulic damping
  • long-life cycle
  • different materials for a wide range of application
  • closure of the valve through a counter weight for gravity supporting
  • body as lug type and double flange execution