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INTEC K2..1 - the high end ball valves for the chemical industry.
One concept for all!

A high end ball valve which realize all newest technical requirements:

  • maintenance free
  • reinforced stem design for more safety in automation
  • clearance volume minimized
  • dynamic primary sealing by floating ring princible
  • optimized conception between preliminary tension and elastic force of the stuffing box without using of disc springs and elastomers
  • system design in a graphite/KF cone ring system
  • stuffing box system absolutely ageing resistant
  • Fire-Safe-/Clean air act design all in one - the best standard
  • FDA conformity for pharmaceutical application
  • system construction unit of all components for reduction of storage costs

Advantages "seat ring system metal seated":

  • seat ring and ball hart metal coated by flame-spray technology
  • sleeken seat and ball polished
  • high precision beared ball
  • spring loaded, spiral springs chambered
  • no use of disc springs to forcing the seat ring
  • no dangerous because of crevice corrosion
  • also metal to metal gas tight


  • heating jacket
  • hand lever extension
  • hand lever with bayonet locking
  • stem extension
  • block unit - padlock unit
  • grid unit
  • spring close unit - automatical return handle ("dead man handle")
  • gear (hand operated)

Special designs:

  • special designs like Titan, Hastelloy, 1.4539, 1.4462, Zirkonium etc.

Certificates and Approvals:

  • certified acc. to German clean air act VDI 2440,
    -40°C up to +220°C, 100.000 cycles
  • Fire-Safe acc. to BS 6755, EN ISO 10497, API 607
  • type tested by VdTÜV 1065, VbF, Gas-HI-VO, WHG