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KLINGER SCHÖNEBERG introduces the high performance butterfly valve type CONAXE as a new series of CFC butterfly valves into the market. This extends the existing range of quality ball valves and presents a premium alternative for isolation and control valves.

The CONAXE is a double offset high performance butterfly valve with outstanding quality features. Technical brillant engineered and manufactured for a maximum benefit to the customers. Drafted for metal and soft seats. Temperature ranges from -196°C up to +800°C.

Designed for the main market segments of LNG, off shore, tank farms, power generation, district heating, air separation, geothermal energy, petrochemical, refineries and others. A wide choice of materials - such as carbon steel and stainless steel, 22Cr duplex, 25Cr duplex, SMO, titanium and bronze - ensures a broad product portfolio that covers many different applications.

Based on the substantial experience and excellent know-how, a various number of special and customized solutions can be offered to the user.

Basic features:

  • zero leakage rate through massive metallic solid and glass-fiber reinforced RPTFE seals
  • self-alignment, pressure equalised, floating bearing of shaft and seal
  • replaceable disc seat seal
  • excellent Kv-values performed through flow-optimised disc shape
  • polygon drive shaft between disc and shaft for maximum durability and torque transmission
  • low torques
  • double anti-blow out
  • double-sided, self-adjusted stuffing box
  • anti-static execution
  • top flange in accordance to DIN EN ISO 5211 with standardised square, dd or key way connection allows easy automation
  • solid one-piece body
  • body as wafer type, lug type, double flange and welded ends execution